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Friday, January 20, 2012

A 6 Year Old's Prayer

So we had ten minutes in creative writing class on Wednesday to write a prayer telling a story. This is my rather non creative piece but I kinda liked it so here it is.

Dear God,
I messed up bad. I know I'm not supposed to lie to my mom but I did. See yesterday mom told me to eat all of my peas or I couldn't have any desert. Well God, I didn't finish my peas, I hid them behind the big chair dad sits in. When my mom came to the table with the chocolate pudding, I told her I ate all my peas. Mom told me I better not be lying or she'd spank my 6 year old fanny. God, what's a fanny? Well I ate the pudding and then forgot about the peas. God....she found the peas. And I'm still not sure what a fanny is but my butt sure is sore now. Well mom is telling me to finish by saying I won't do it again so I promise not to do it again.
God? she went into the kitchen now and told me to think about what I that we're alone, can you please not let her find the spinach from last Saturday? Amen.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Concrete Outside, Inside Jelly...

It's not just having someone who loves you, or having someone for you to love, it's having someone who treasures your opinion. Having that person who wants to hear what you have to say. Knowing that you really do matter to someone else as much as they matter to you. That the words you say are being held onto as tightly as the ones they utter to you. Is it possible to have a broken heart before you even have that kind of love? I think so. God only knows what it takes to put that heart back together. He can put it back together. He can. Right?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Supaman. In Progress.

I saw you in the halls today. You can say you didn't see me but I saw you look my way.
Without excuse or reason you turned and went the other way.
You can say it's all my fault, you blame me with all you say
You can't say I wasn't honest, I said what you get is what you see
I ain't nothin like the superman, I know you're wanting me to be
You've trapped me with this obligation, I'm just trying to be free.
You say I've got these problems, babe check the glass you got em too!
I never said that I was perfect, now your expectations got us screwed
I would put you on my shoulders,take your pain upon my back.
I will take down all those people, that would put you through the rack
I will walk a thousand miles, if you say you want me too
But girl your words and actions are not marching to the same tune.
I'll put this world upon my back, fly you to Paris or Milan
I'll fight the whole world's armies, if you just say that's what you want
I'll make you pancakes in your bed, I'll stay home with you at night
No goin out or strayin, all I need is you to be my life.
But you askin that one thing that I really can't provide
Babe you say you don't want superman, but I know that's just a lie.
You're searchin for that one, with the magic power that somehow makes it right.
But you don't realize all this searchin is what's cutting me inside
I put myself up on the altar, girl my life is yours to take
I'll give you all I can but you just up and walk away
I know I look so strong but you know the truth today
Inside I'm only human, I don't know what you thought I'd say
Please just drop your crazy dreams and give me one more chance tonight
Babe I can't be your superman, cuz you're my kryptonite.

Yeah, You Do Need Him.

What is the strength of a tool, but the metal it is molded from?
What is the use of a machine, if it's parts are not in unison?
What is the purpose of a sonnet, if emotions are not stirred?
If there are instabilities in the molding, imperfections in the machinations,
How is the element to perform properly?
A wrench will break, a machine will malfunction
A poem will bring boredom, and a song will cause pain.
Without perfection flowing through my own veins, my fate will be the same.