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Friday, January 20, 2012

A 6 Year Old's Prayer

So we had ten minutes in creative writing class on Wednesday to write a prayer telling a story. This is my rather non creative piece but I kinda liked it so here it is.

Dear God,
I messed up bad. I know I'm not supposed to lie to my mom but I did. See yesterday mom told me to eat all of my peas or I couldn't have any desert. Well God, I didn't finish my peas, I hid them behind the big chair dad sits in. When my mom came to the table with the chocolate pudding, I told her I ate all my peas. Mom told me I better not be lying or she'd spank my 6 year old fanny. God, what's a fanny? Well I ate the pudding and then forgot about the peas. God....she found the peas. And I'm still not sure what a fanny is but my butt sure is sore now. Well mom is telling me to finish by saying I won't do it again so I promise not to do it again.
God? she went into the kitchen now and told me to think about what I that we're alone, can you please not let her find the spinach from last Saturday? Amen.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


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  1. that's super. unexpected ending. so perfect. made me smile :)